Rural Crime

The rural nature of Angus means that we must contend with less common forms of crime. Fly-tipping, hare coursing, and stock theft all places needless pressure on our communities and services.

Retain and Strengthen RM Condor

Ensuring that the marine base at RM Condor has a long term future of one of my key campaign pledges.

After tireless campaigning, I am delighted the the UK Government has guarenteed the future of RM Condor at Arbroath ahead of the Government's Better Defense Estate Review.    


Fair Fuels for Rural Areas

Motorists in rural communities shouldn’t have to pay more for their fuel. That’s why as chairperson of the APPG for Fair Fuel I am calling for an independent price regulator to ensure that petrol and diesel prices are fair for rural communities. Sign the petition here!

Better broadband for Angus

Good quality connectivity is essential for individuals and businesses in the 21st century. It is unacceptable that almost 9,000 homes in Angus are still without superfast broadband.

Seasonal Agricultural Worker's Scheme

Angus produces almost one third one of soft fruit in Scotland and plays an important role in our local economy. That’s why I have campaigned for the introduction of a Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme to ensure that food producers have access to the labour they need.