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Good quality connectivity is essential for individuals and businesses in the 21st century. It is unacceptable that almost 9,000 homes in Angus are still without superfast broadband. I am continuing to put pressure on the Scottish Government to speed up broadband roll-out because we cannot go on with so many still at such slow speeds. 

I am delighted that the UK government has committed to provide a further £1 million to speed up  the rollout of superfast broadband in Angus. A huge investment which will have the outcomes people in Angus expect.

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28th May 2019 - I joined Openreach engineers in Forfar today to learn more about the progress of their superfast broadband rollout in Angus. It was great to speak to the experts first-hand about both future expansion plans and the challenges many still have accessing reliable broadband. If you have any such issue, please get in touch - 01307 495 010 |

Kirstene Hair MP with BT Opeanreach engineer


1st May 2019 - It is deeply frustrating that Angus has been identified as being in the bottom 10 areas for broadband speeds in a recent Which report. 


9th May 2019 - Further coverage of the poor state of broadband here in Angus - broadband is a vital utility that all households require. Local residents and businesses deserve good quality broadband and that’s what I will continue to fight for. If anyone has a concern about their broadband provision, please let me know and I would be delighted to help see where you may be able to get support.


2nd April 2019 - Today, I took part in a productive roundtable discussion on connectivity issues in Scotland with the Digital and Creative Industries Minister Margot James. As we know all too well here in #Angus, there are serious concerns around the Scottish Government’s slow roll out of superfast broadband, mobile not spot areas and access to the emergency services network. It was good to have the chance to raise these issues with the minister today, and to explore how the UK Government’s £1 million connectivity boost for Angus can help.

Kirstene Hair MP with Digital Minister Margot James MP


6th March 2019 - The pace of the Scottish Government’s superfast broadband roll out in Angus  has been painfully slow – almost 9,000 properties are still without access. That is why I have campaigned so hard for the UK Government to intervene, and I was delighted to help deliver £1 million through the Tay Cities Deal to speed up the process in Angus.

Image showing information on UK Government investment in Angus to upgrade broadband services


24th February 2019 - Unfortunately, the Scottish Government have proven to be too slow in rolling out broadband across Angus – it’s a delay local residents and businesses just can’t afford. That is why I campaigned hard for the UK Government to intervene, and they will now inject a £2 million boost into both Angus and Ochil & South Perthshire to speed things up. Now, myself and my colleague Luke Graham for Ochil and South Perthshire have written to the Secretary of State for Scotland to press for this money to be released as soon as possible. You can read our letter, in full, here.


20th February 2019 - I have real concerns about whether local post offices have enough capacity to fill in for the bank branches #Angus is set to lose, and of course poor broadband provision makes digital banking difficult for many.

Last week, I spoke in Parliament to call on the banks to explore how to keep these branches open – such as sharing premises in banking hubs. Today, I met with Adam Bishop, Head of Branch Interactions at Santander UK to discuss both the closures in Brechin and Forfar, and to urge him to consider every available option to retain local branch services.

21st December 2018 - Recently, I wrote to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture Media and Sport to ask what his Department's policy is on improving mobile data coverage in rural areas with low levels of fixed superfast broadband coverage. You can see his answer here.


20th December 2018 - Recently, I wrote to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture Media and Sport to ask what discussions officials in his Department have had with representatives from local authorities in Scotland on the roll-out of superfast broadband. You can see his answer here.


22nd November 2018 - Today I took part in debating the roll out of superfast broadband to rural Scotland in parliament. This is a really fundamental issue for many rural businesses in Angus and Scotland looking to expand and incorporate more advanced technology and software.


25th July 2018 - Recently, I wrote to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture Media and Sport to ask what plans his Department has to help eliminate not spots in Mobile coverage. You can see his answer here.


12th July 2018 - Yesterday in Parliament, I highlighted that the SNP Government are not on track to meet their target of connecting properties in Scotland to superfast broadband by 2021. This is of deep disappointment to my constituents as broadband is not a luxury - many need fast reliable connections for personal needs, to run their businesses and to access services. I will continue to keep up the pressure on the Scottish Government to get their act together and deliver what they have promised – Angus simply cannot be left behind any longer. Watch below.


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