Fighting for Angus Health Services

Stracathro, Whitehills and Arbroath Infirmary provide essential healthcare services to residents of Angus. It is unfair to expect residents in Angus to have to travel to Dundee for all their healthcare needs. I will keep campaigning to retain all current healthcare services in Angus and prevent further centralisation by the SNP Government to Dundee.

I want to the Scottish Government to commit to spending every penny of that extra £2 Billion on frontline NHS services, particularly in rural communities such as Angus and will continue calling for this.

Do you think it is time for local politicians to put aside their political differences and work together to deliver better healthcare in Angus?

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4th April 2019  - A recent FOI has shown just how many Angus residents are now having to travel all the way to Dundee since the closure of the Mulberry Mental Health Unit at Stracathro.


11th December 2018 - Stop centralisation and invest in local health services – that is the message I am hearing in communities across Angus.

I am calling on the Scottish Government to use their budget tomorrow to invest in the services Angus residents value such as Stracathro, Arbroath Infirmary and Whitehills in Forfar. There is an extra £550 million for health this year thanks to the UK Government so the money is there, and every penny of it must be spent on our NHS.


12th October 2018 - Residents across Angus will be rightly concerned by the admission they they might not always get to see a GP. Local health provision is already a major concern - I regularly hear from constituents facing difficulty accessing services - and this latest revelation will only add to that concern.

Frontline staff are working flat out, but sadly they aren’t being properly supported. I have called on the Health Minister to set out her plan to improve access to GP services in Angus, and she must now act quickly to restore public confidence.


7th October 2018 - In communities across Angus, residents are concerned about local health services. I am determined to stand up for local provision, and believe it is important for politicians to get out and see how those services actually work. That is why I recently spent a (windy!) afternoon at Arbroath Infirmary to learn more about the challenges they face and to meet the incredibly dedicated staff there and the patients they care for. Watch the video below.


18th April 2018 - Patients in the Montrose area will be understandably disappointed as the doors of Montrose Infirmary close for the final time and they lose their local healthcare centre which has been in place since 1948 – two days prior to the inauguration of the NHS. I very much hope that Stracathro Hospital will embrace the challenge of taking on more inpatients.

We must now draw a firm line in the sand- centralisation can go no further. Stracathro, Whitehills and Arbroath Infirmary must be strengthened and prepared for the future.

Delivering Healthcare in Angus

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Do you think it is time for local politicians to put aside their political differences and work together to deliver better healthcare in Angus?
Do you support Kirstene Hair MP's call to see Angus politicians put aside their political differences in finding a way to deliver health services locally?