Angus MP Calls for Independent Fuel Price Watchdog

Local MP Kirstene Hair has repeated calls for an independent price watchdog to be set up for petrol and diesel to tackle rip off prices in Angus.

Petrol prices have been up and down in recent months, but remain significantly higher in her constituency compared to Midlothian and Edinburgh.

Motoring experts have also accused petrol wholesalers of being too quick to increase prices when the cost of oil rises, but failing to pass on reductions in oil prices.

Now a petition calling for an independent pricing watchdog for fuel to stop this inconsistency has received 10,000 signatures. The move would bring the industry in line with gas, electricity, water and telecoms who all have pricing bodies.

The petition states “When the oil price decreases, UK drivers are not seeing these reductions passed onto them as quickly as they should be. There seems to be very little consistency, logic or clarity around the way prices are calculated. If gas, electricity, water and telecoms have pricing bodies, why not motorists too? That is why I believe we need to implement an independent price monitoring body for this industry also.”

Scottish Conservative Ms Hair, chairwoman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Fair Fuel said:

“Drivers need to reassurance that they are not paying over the odds for fuel.

“In rural communities where public transport is poor and unreliable, people rely heavily on their vehicles to get from A to B.

“It is essential that they pay a fair price, that is where a price monitoring scheme would support them.”

“The UK Government has supported motorists by freezing fuel duty, but I think more needs to be done.

“I would urge anyone who agrees to sign the official UK Parliament petition. If it reaches 100,000 signatures, then it is likely that a debate will follow and Ministers will realise the strength of feeling about this issue.”