Backing the 'Let it Sing' campaign with the RSPB

The MP for Angus has backed a national campaign to ”let nature sing” by the UK’s largest bird conservation charity.
The RSPB came to Westminster to launch its latest drive to spread awareness of many bird species which were once commonly heard but are now in decline – cuckoo, nightingale and turtle dove among them.
A downloadable single uses entirely new sound recordings from RSPB nature reserves around the UK, and the charity hopes for it to top the charts for International Dawn Chorus Day on May 5.
Scottish Conservative MP Kirstene Hair met some of those involved in the UK Parliament and backed the campaign.
She said:
“Birdsong has been proven to aid mental health and is one of the many benefits we associate with being outdoors.  
“But with 40 million fewer birds since 1966, we are getting closer and closer to a spring without birdsong.”
“I think the Let Nature Sing track will help people across the UK discover the healing power of birdsong and learn what we can do to reverse the decline of once-common birds.”
The single is available on all major platforms. More information and access to the download can be found at