Cancelled Operations over Christmas

Nearly 100 operations were cancelled by NHS Tayside in an eight-week period from December to January, figures obtained by the Scottish Conservatives have revealed.


A breakdown of the figures over the festive period and into the new year show that 16 scheduled procedures were called off in just one day.

The total for the two-month period from December 1, 2018 to January 21, 2019 was 94.


The health board was unable to say how many of the cancelled operations were re-scheduled.


The Tayside figures have emerged just days after Health Secretary Jeane Freeman admitted that almost 100,000 operations have been cancelled across the country since the SNP government started to keep formal records three years ago.


Scottish Conservative MP for Angus, Kirstene Hair, said:


“Health boards across the country are under huge pressure during the winter months, and some cancellations will be unavoidable. 


“But the fact nearly 100 operations were put off in just eight weeks in Tayside is cause for concern and many of my constituents will have been affected.


“Across Scotland, there have been 100,000 procedures cancelled since the SNP government starting keeping records.


“That causes huge inconvenience for patients and their families who physically and mentally prepare themselves for such procedures. 


“These latest figures all add to the mounting evidence that the SNP is simply not up to the job of running Scotland’s NHS - and I am seeing that first hand through my mailbag here in Angus.”