Westminster News

Angus MP Welcomes New Railcard

The MP for Angus has hailed the “game-changing” new rail pass that will open up travel across Scotland for people under 30.

The UK Government has launched the 26 to 30 railcard that will allow travellers to knock one third off the cost of their fares.

Brexit and Fisheries Statement

Commenting on the transition agreement for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, Kirstene Hair MP said: 

"I am very disappointed with the outcome today. This is not what we have been campaigning for and is not what our fishing communities wanted.

Angus MP speaks before PMs conference speech

An Angus MP and her Conservative colleagues "transformed" Scotland's political landscape with a historic General Election result, the party conference has heard. Kirstene Hair says the country's voices and opinions have a "truer reflection" at Westminster after returning 13 MPs in May's polls.

Angus MP calls for beer duty freeze

Angus MP Kirstene Hair has joined with representatives of the UK's beer drinkers, pub goers, brewers and publicans to urge the Chancellor to keep pubs afloat in the Autumn Budget.