Forfar GP Surgery

Kirstene Hair has arranged a meeting with the Practice Manager of Academy Street Medical Centre in an effort to understand what steps are needed to improve service at the practice.

Last October, all three of the town’s GP surgeries closed their “lists” or patient rolls to new applications for six months.

This stopped patients from applying to move GP unless there were “significant circumstances.”

Following a change in staffing, Academy Medical Centre, Lour Road Group Practice and Ravenswood Surgery opened their lists to new registrations on May 1 this year.

Following continued complaints from constituents about the GP service within Forfar, Angus MP

Ms Hair has now arranged a meeting following testimony from constituents that they are still unable to get an appointment with a doctor.

Scottish Conservative Ms Hair will present a dossier of patient concerns over primary care to the practice manager of one surgery.

In a letter to Forfar residents to gather further resident experiences she wrote:

“The fact that all surgeries in Forfar were forced to shut their lists to new patients for six months was an entirely unacceptable situation.

“To ensure that the concerns of my constituents received the full attention of the Scottish Government, I wrote directly to Ms Jeane Freeman MSP, the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, around this issue and urged for action to be taken. “However, in her response Ms Freeman regrettably refused to acknowledge the extent of the problem individuals face obtaining a GP and the strain our GP services are under.

“For this reason, I have arranged to meet with the Practice Manager of Academy Street Medical Centre, to both raise your concerns, get answers to any questions you have, and to discuss what can be done to improve the kind of service patients receive.”

Forfar was previously at the centre of plans for a ‘super-surgery’ merger involving Academy Medical Centre and Ravenswood which would have created Scotland’s largest GP practice, but they were shelved in 2016.