GP Appointments in Brechin

The MP for Angus has asked health chiefs to broker a solution to “untenable” GP waiting arrangements among many constituents.

Ill locals who attend Brechin Health Centre have been seen on a triage basis since the practice ran with reduced GPs a few years ago.

Weekday patients are asked to call at 8am for a chance at a slot once emergency appointments have been made – but those who get past the engaged tone are often out of luck and told to ring back the following day.

Local MP Kirstene Hair has now asked the new chief executive of NHS Tayside, Grant Archibald, to intervene so her constituents no longer face ringing an “extraordinary” number of times.

In her letter, the Scottish Conservative MP describes the situation facing residents as “untenable”.

She said:

“Last year I was told the practice is back to full strength in terms of GPs, but this arrangement persists.

“I understand that staff are doing their best to accommodate as many patients as possible.

“However, I believe the local health board should be aware there are fundamental issues with the current appointment system.

“And I don’t think this is an issue which is unique in any way to Brechin.”

Research by Ms Hair at the turn of the year found Angus practice list sizes have soared by an average of 250 in the last decade, while the number of GPs remained static.

She criticised the SNP government for failing to recruit enough GPs to address the increased workload.