Kirriemuir Bank of Scotland Branch Closure

The MP for Angus has obtained a guarantee from Bank of Scotland executives that Kirriemuir will have access to mobile banks after the closure of its branch and has urged them to have the needs of customers at the forefront of this process.

Last month, Lloyds Banking Group confirmed the closure of its Kirriemuir branch by February along with seven others across Scotland.

Kirstene Hair met with a senior executive at the Bank of Scotland and was able to secure some detail about mobile banking which will be rolled out in the Angus town.

It is understood the service will operate on two days a week, likely to be Monday and Friday for up to 10 hours.

Scottish Conservative Ms Hair said:
"Like many people in Angus I have been deeply disappointed with the gradual reduction in the number of branches by several High Street banks.
"It is a business decision by Lloyds to close the local Bank of Scotland branch but I wanted to make sure they will not fully withdraw a personal banking service for local customers, as this was the last bank in left in Kirriemuir.”
"At our most recent meeting, the bank confirmed to me once again it will roll put mobile banking.

"And I am pleased that full disabled facilities will be provided and the vast majority of services will be offered but we must ensure that this satisfies the needs of customers and not just allow the Bank of Scotland to determine what works for them.

“I will work closely with the Bank of Scotland to deliver a system that works for customers within Kirriemuir so we don’t just accept tokenistic gestures that do not deliver for those who rely on their services.”

BoS has blamed the “changing ways” customers use its services on the decision to shut the flagship bank.