MP vows to fight online trolls

A new MP on the Women and Equalities Select Committee has set out her desire to see the back of online abusers who put people off getting involved in politics.

Kirstene Hair, the MP for Angus, has used two speeches in the House of Commons to outline the importance of bringing down barriers to women standing for Parliament, and face down cyber bullies.

Ms Hair spoke in a Westminster Hall debate about the challenges for women going into politics and separate debate on the abuse and intimidation of parliamentary candidates.

She has also recently been elected to the Women and Equalities committee, and spoke of using that position to help women feel more comfortable enter politics.

Commenting, Ms Hair said, “I am doubly privileged to be representing my home constituency of Angus and to be elected to serve on the Women and Equalities Select Committee.

“Even from my relatively short time in the public eye, I have seen the unacceptable level of abuse directed at candidates from all parties.

“It is of no benefit whatsoever to what is often robust political debate to have people being intimidated and abused by small minded cowards who hide behind online anonymity.

“I hope that in my time in office, I will be able to contribute something to making more people – particularly women – feel less intimidated to put themselves forward for election.”