Mulberry Unit Usage

Angus residents struggling with mental health have spent almost 17,000 days receiving treatment in Dundee since radical changes to care.

The Mulberry Unit at Stracathro Hospital closed to acute inpatients in 2017.

The decision to officially close the unit as a general adult psychiatry base came in 2018, despite a campaign to retain local health services by Angus MP Kirstene Hair.

Since February 2017, the Carseview clinic in Ninewells Hospital has admitted 212 patients who would have been seen at Stracathro.

A total of 461 admissions were made involving Angus residents between February 2017 and February this year, including 19 intensive psychiatric care unit (IPCU) patients.

Angus patients spent 16,707 bed days in the new Mulberry ward at Carseview, in Dundee, for mental health admissions.

Scottish Conservative Ms Hair said the figures show the Stracathro unit is “still sorely missed.”

She said:

“The closure of the Mulberry Unit at Stracathro was a blow for local healthcare and a sad day for many who relied on the facility – or knew someone that had. I still strongly believe it was a mistake and that it should be re-instated.

 “I appreciate the medical staff at Ninewells do a great job under high pressure but these figures are concrete evidence of how valuable the unit in Angus was to local residents.

“It is sorely missed by the people who needed it most, who should have been at the centre of the decision-making.

“The so-called consultation was a tick-box exercise which was shown to be deeply unfair. The SNP government were asked to intervene and they were not interested.

“We cannot just look at cutting costs but how we best deliver healthcare provision – that is by delivering it in the locality wherever it can be.”