My comments on Standing Order 24 motion

I believe the majority of residents in Angus respect the referendum result and want the government to deliver and move on.

I have always been clear that I want to leave the EU with a deal, and the Prime Minister has been resolute that leaving with a deal is his primary goal throughout the negotiations. In order to do this, it is of vital importance that the Prime Minister continues negotiations with the EU in as strong a position as possible, and this means keeping the possibility of no deal on the table.

I, therefore, could not support last night’s motion that would have attempted to tie our Government’s hands and fundamentally undermine the Prime Minister’s negotiating strategy by control of the order paper being removed from the government in order to push through legislation with regards to our exit from the EU. I want to see a timely and orderly Brexit, precisely as our country voted for, and last night’s motion was a clear afront to this.

The government remains absolutely committed to looking at alternative solutions to the backstop – the primary area of concern. We must ensure the Prime Minister has the strongest negotiating stance to come back with another deal. Further extensions do not remove No Deal, they simply push this deadline back.

Over the past two years I have responses to thousands of emails regarding Brexit and have always justified the stance I take on any vote cast. If you wish to discuss this further please let me know.