Prime Minister praises RM Condor

The Prime Minister has paid tribute to Royal Marines “past and present” who have served at RM Condor as she re-iterated UK Government plans to keep 45 Commando at the Angus base.


Theresa May was speaking in response to a question from the MP for Angus, Kirstene Hair, who has campaigned since her election to retain RM Condor in the area for the long-term.


The Scottish Conservative MP asked during Prime Minister’s Questions if Mrs May would join her in congratulating the men and women based near Arbroath.


Ms Hair said: “I recently welcomed the news from the Secretary of State for Defence and his ministerial team that in fact 45 Commando would remain at RM Condor.


“Zulu company, part of the 45 Commando group recently took part in specialist chemical training which will ensure they are ready to respond first to any chemical or biological attack such as the one we saw in Salisbury last year.


“Can the Prime Minister please join me in congratulating the Royal Marines of 45 Commando, all the men and women that work at the base, for their tireless efforts to keep us safe?


In response, the Prime Minister said: “Can I say to my honourable friend I would like to thank her for raising this issue.


“I know she has raised this in her Westminster Hall debate because it is of importance to her but it is also of importance to many other members around this House.


“And I would like to pay tribute to all the Royal Marines past and present who have served in RM Condor.


“I am pleased to say that we do plan for 45 Commando to remain based at RM Condor barracks in Angus, that we will ensure they continue to have the required facilities for them to live work and train in  Angus, and I am delighted to join my honourable friend in congratulating Zulu company for their hard work in keeping us safe.”