Assurances from the Prime Minister on the CFP

I am pleased that the Prime Minister has listened to the Scottish Conservative MPs and written to assure us the UK will leave the Common Fisheries Policy and we will regain control of our fishing waters. 

Welcoming Tay Cities Deal Funding

Angus MP Kirstene Hair has called on all authorities to bring a Scottish-first “food centre of excellence” to the county as part of the Tay Cities Region Deal.

Documentary shows urgent need for coastal support

A BBC documentary has laid bare the “shocking” extent of erosion being suffered at a beleaguered Angus coastal town.

Montrose has suffered from accelerated erosion to its shorefront and historic golf links in recent times, at a rate of around two metres a year.

More work needed to deliver broadband in Angus

The SNP Government has been slammed for "boasting" about its superfast broadband rollout record after a report showed almost 9,000 Angus properties are stillunable to receive superfast broadband (30Mbit/s).