Brexit and Fisheries Statement

Commenting on the transition agreement for the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, Kirstene Hair MP said: 

"I am very disappointed with the outcome today. This is not what we have been campaigning for and is not what our fishing communities wanted.

Angus Charity Funding Opportunity

Local MP Kirstene Hair is asking community groups and local charities across Angus to think about what they could do with up to £20,000 this year.

Charities and community groups can apply to receive grants of between £500 and £20,000 raised by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

MP states road is still too dangerous

A major Tayside road is “still too dangerous” despite safety improvements of the last few years, according to a local MP.

The A92 has witnessed two fatal and 14 non-fatal accidents in the last three years, according to information from Police Scotland.

MP fears business rate hikes could turn high streets into "ghost towns"

A spike in business rates could turn high streets in Angus into “ghost towns”, it has been claimed.

Angus MP Kirstene Hair fears a 12.5% rise in rates for hospitality businesses will leave town centres in Angus “dominated by shop jackets” and national chains.

Discussion wanted on young farming wages

A single all-ages wage is stopping Scots farmers from taking on younger workers, according to the MP for Angus.

The Scottish Agricultural Wages Board sets a universal basic rate for workers across the industry.

Angus MP criticises NHS Tayside cutbacks

An MP has slated the “slow erosion” of medical services in Angus following NHS Tayside’s decision to cease endoscopy at its largest hospital.

NHS Tayside said it had taken the decision to limit the service to Ninewells Hospital and Perth Royal Infirmary due to patient choice.

Innotative thinking needed to make sure Angus is better connected.

Work and play in modern life is becoming more and more connected to the array of digital devices we just can’t do without. Using a tablet to shop online is as natural as checking weather on a smartphone, or listening to MP3s while out on a jog.